Sometime in my teen years I was skimming through Outdoor Life, normal bathroom routine and all that, and I found a sidebar about The Right Hunting Dog for You, or something along those lines. The last dog listed was the Drahthaar (or was it German Wirehaired Pointer?), and I wanted it. It was a hunting breed, and it looked neat. Great criteria by which to choose a bird dog. The only portion of the description I remember stated these dogs weren’t suited for apartment living.

Just shy of my 26th birthday I found myself living with a twelve week old Drahthaar puppy. In an apartment.

It consumed me. I trained, joined dog clubs, trained more, took her hunting, and that was that. The dog, and the people she introduced me to, changed my life.

This is a manifestation of my transformation. Writings, ramblings, thoughts, photos and reflections.

Or more honestly, this is an outlet for all my day-dreaming and procrastination, when I should be working.

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